General Remediation Issues

1. Under no circumstances may a student remediate a clerkship without going through Student Affairs.

2. Passing grades must be attained on all remediated work.

3. Remediation of a clerkship is not permitted until the end of the academic year.

Failure of Clinical Component of a Clerkship

4. Failure of any of the core competencies on the clinical evaluation = failure for clerkship

a) Remediation: Repeat entire clerkship

Failure of NBME Shelf Exam

5. All third year students will be permitted to retake ONE shelf exam in ONE clerkship if a) they fail the shelf exam on their first attempt, b) they are passing all other requirements of the clerkship, and c) they pass all other clerkships, including all other shelf exams.

6. Upon completion of all required third year clerkships, students who meet the requirements for retaking a shelf exam (see #5 above) will work with Student Affairs staff to schedule the re-take of the shelf exam.

7. The student’s grade will be deferred until the new score is received; if the student passes the shelf exam on the second attempt, he/she will receive the minimum passing score as his/her shelf exam grade for the clerkship and a PASS score will be entered on the student’s transcript. If the student fails the second shelf exam, the student will receive an F in the clerkship and will be required to retake the entire rotation before being allowed to retake the shelf exam.

8. The MSPE letter should include a statement indicating that the student retook the shelf exam and passed the exam/clerkship.

9. Students will be required to pay for the second shelf exam.

10. Fourth-year students, who have passed all of the required third-year clerkships on the first attempt, including all third-year shelf exams on the first attempt, will be eligible to retake ONE fourth-year shelf exam, if they meet the requirements in #5 above.

11. Students who fail only one shelf exam during 3rd year and successfully remediate that shelf, but subsequently fail the shelf exam on the acting internship will receive an F for the acting internship and will be permitted one retake attempt of the shelf exam (without repeating acting internship) if clinical evaluations are passing.

NOTE: Student Affairs will address all special situations.