It is generally perceived by many students and faculty in the School of Medicine that the current emphasis on and attention to class rank contribute unduly to an atmosphere which fosters intense competition. Therefore, if individual courses/clerkships calculate rank, this information will not be disclosed to students.

Individual course/clerkship faculty will no longer post histograms or lists of exam scores/final grades for public viewing. Individual course/clerkships will provide only the following information regarding exam scores or final grades to students: student’s individual score/grade (Honor, Pass, Fail), class mean score, standard deviation and range (highest and lowest scores). This information will be reported to students by e-mail, if possible, or if not, by individual grade slips either in lockers or in envelopes in the mailboxes.

A comprehensive, cumulative class rank will not be calculated until the end of the first, second, and third years for purposes of awards and residency applications. This rank will not be in student files but will be available to students on request from the Medical Student Affairs Office.