The Student Promotions Committee reviews the academic progress of all students with unsatisfactory performance or other academic problems and makes recommendations for corrective action, remediation, and/or dismissal to the Dean. The Student Promotions Committee also makes recommendations to the Dean concerning requests for leaves of absence.

The Student Promotions Committee consists of one representative from each department of the School of Medicine listed in Appendix 4 of the School of Medicine Bylaws, one representative from the Trover Campus, and three students, one from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year classes selected by the School of Medicine Student Council constituting one vote.  The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs is a non-voting member. Departmental representatives are appointed by the department chair after consultation with members of the department during a faculty meeting; the Trover Campus representative is appointed by the Associate Dean of the Trover Campus.  No more than 25% of the committee will consist of Course Directors and/or Clerkship Directors.  Additionally, any member involved in direct grading of a student in question must recuse herself/himself from discussion and voting.

The Committee meets at the end of each academic year and at other times as necessary to make recommendations to the Dean concerning students whose scholarship, behavior and/or clinical competence is reported to be unsatisfactory. The Dean then decides the final disposition of each situation. The Committee may recommend that a student:

  1. be given a second opportunity for promotion, normally by repeating a course, or
  2. repeat the entire year in which the failure(s) occurred. A student may only repeat one year in his/her medical school career, or
  3. be dismissed from further enrollment. The Student Promotions Committee may recommend dismissal for poor scholarship regardless of the number of failures or the number of credit hours these failures represent.

The Committee may also recommend remedial action or dismissal for students whose behavior is considered inappropriate by school or community standards for a practicing physician. The Committee will investigate thoroughly the causes of poor scholarship and may recommend a variety of remedial measures in addition to those outlined above.

Unless dismissed, students failing a core course will be placed on academic probation for one year or for the following academic year. Additional failures incurred during the probationary period may be considered grounds for academic dismissal.

Students on probation are not permitted to work outside the School of Medicine for which they receive remuneration of any form unless written permission is obtained from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Violation of this rule may be cause for dismissal from the School of Medicine.

Students on probation who hold office in student organizations or serve on committees are strongly advised to resign from their duties.

The Committee shall formulate its own procedures in consultation with the Associate Dean and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and the Vice Dean for Medical Education.  The Committee deals with each student's situation individually and uniquely; precedents may provide general guidelines, but are not necessarily predictive.

The Committee determines the degree status of all students as required by Sec. 6.6.3 of The Redbook.  The Committee recommends to the UofL Board of Trustees, through the Dean, all candidates for degrees.