A grade of Honors, Pass or Fail will be assigned according to criteria established by each department at the completion of each required and elective course, according to criteria established by these departments. These grades will appear in the student's official transcript. In addition, clinical departments will submit a summative evaluation of student performance for each required and elective clinical clerkship.

Regular examinations are given and students are informed at the beginning of each course concerning the grading criteria in the course.

For all required core courses except ACLS, a percentage score will be submitted to the Student Affairs Office. Such information may also be submitted for elective courses at the discretion of the department.

All course and clerkship grades scores will be available to the student at his/her request through the Department Chair or the Medical Student Affairs Office.

To find a complete and current list of all grading policies login to RedMed using this link https://redmed.louisville.edu/lcms/logon.php?noMsg=1&lastnohtml=&redir=.