Applicants to the first year class of the University of Louisville School of Medicine are considered individually and are selected based on merit without consideration of race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age or national origin. Although applications from nonresidents are accepted, residents of Kentucky are given preference for admission. This policy is consistent with the mission of the University of Louisville as a part of the state university system.

The Admissions Committee evaluates an applicant’s acceptability based on the entire academic record (undergraduate and graduate), Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) scores, and premedical advisory committee recommendations. The applicant’s communication skills, personality and motivation are evaluated by interviews with members of the committee. Extracurricular activities and medical exposure are also important elements of the applicant evaluation. Complete undergraduate preparation is strongly encouraged. The minimum prerequisites are listed under the Pre-Med Requirements. Your best resource for determining the appropriate prerequisite courses is the pre-med advisor at your undergraduate institution.

Interviews are arranged by the Admissions Office for each applicant whose credentials appear to warrant further exploration. The interview day schedule provides the applicant an opportunity to talk with medical students and to see the facilities of the Health Sciences Center.

Inquiries concerning admission should be addressed to:

University of Louisville School of Medicine
Office of Admissions
Abell Administration Center, Rm. 413
323 E. Chestnut Street
Louisville, KY 40202-3866
(502) 852-5193 or (800) 334-8635 ext. 5193
Web address: