Applications should not be submitted until all minimum requirements have been satisfied or evidence has been provided that they will be satisfied before the date for which admission is requested. Acceptance to the School of Medicine is contingent upon satisfactory completion of all requirements and conditions of admission. Acceptance may be withdrawn for failure to maintain high scholastic or behavioral standards during the remainder of premedical training.

The School of Medicine offers positions for transfer applicants on a space available basis. TRANSFER is defined as changing enrollment from one medical school to another, usually at the beginning of an academic year, and at a rank consistent with that held at the original school. The basic policy of the School of Medicine concerning transfer from an accredited American medical school is as follows. Applicants must be currently enroled and in good standing in a LCME accredited medical school, and be eligible to continue at that school. Applicants must present reasons for transfer which are acceptable to the Admissions Committee. Transfers are ordinarily considered only for compassionate reasons, including proximity to spouse, or a change in status of family (such as death of a parent or divorce of parents). Personal dissatisfaction with the training, administration or faculty of the current school is not an acceptable reason for transfer. Transfers may be accepted into the beginning of the second or third years but not into the fourth year or into the mid-term of any year. Second-year applicants must complete a curriculum equivalent to the first full-year at our medical school before they are eligible for transfer. Third-year applicants must complete two full years of pre-clinical study and must pass Step 1 of the USMLE. Transfers must complete no less than 50% of their medical school curriculum from the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Openings in the third-year class are relatively rare. Often we do not know how many, if any, places are available until about two weeks after the school year is over; therefore, we do not participate in the early decision program for transfer students.

Application deadline for transfers is April 30th.

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