All medical students are urged to sign up for the UofL mobile phone emergency information system, RAVE (, which provides real time text communications about any emergencies or long-term catastrophies.

 In the event that the course/clerkship is no longer able to meet face-to-face, students should immediately logon to the RedMed course website, where the course director or his or her designee will provide instructions for adjustments to the meeting schedule, delivery of instruction, assignments, or examinations and deadlines. Students are asked to check the RedMed site regularly throughout the interruption of instruction for updates. The course director will also use email to communucate regularly with students.

 In the event that students as a whole do not have access to the internet, alternative approaches to communication with students will be arranged. However, should this occur, students should, depending upon their individual circumstances, make every effort to stay current with course/clerkship assignments/readings.

 In the event that a student is unable to attend class for an extended period of time, he or she should contact the course/clerkship director to discuss alternative means of fulfilling requirements.