Scribes are defined by the AAMC as “individuals whose role is to document as the physician performs the service.”

Medical students shall not participate as a scribe in any capacity for any physician or clinical rotation that participates in students’ educational experiences.  Students are allowed to write notes under their own user IDs, but these shall be attributable only to the student and are not to be used as physician notes.  Furthermore, students may not receive compensation for writing their own notes, nor shall they be compensated for completing charts or electronic medical records during any clinical rotation during the time they are enrolled in the rotation.

This policy is meant to ensure that scribe duties do not overlap with educational responsibilities at any time.  Students are permitted to work as scribes, however, they can do so for pay only when the work is done outside of any rotation or elective in which they are currently enrolled.  They are not allowed compensation nor can they be required to scribe if it is related to education/school in any way. 

If a student is asked to write a note or scribe under anyone’s name other than their own, the student should report the request to any of the following: Clerkship Director, Student Affairs, Associate Dean for Medical Education, Assistant Dean for Medical Education.