Effective with the Class of 2016, all students shall be required to complete an EPC-approved service learning activity prior to graduation.  EPC-approved activities include: 

  • AHEC project in the Family Medicine clerkship
  • Mission trips
  • Student-run clinics

A service learning activity is defined as a structured learning experience that combines community service with preparation and reflection.*

All service learning activities should include the following learning objective:  Students will develop an appreciation for community service and the contributions that physicians can make to their communities through such service. 

In order to qualify as a service learning experience, a reflection must be included.  Students may complete the reflection component individually or as part of a group.  This component must be described in the syllabus of required courses, or in the course form in the case of electives.

Students must document their service learning activities on New Innovations.  They must include the name of the service learning activity and the number of hours involved; they must also upload their completed reflection assignment.  

Feedback will be provided to students on their service-learning reflection assignments by a faculty member as follows:

  1. If there is a specified director of the service-learning activity (i.e., sponsor of international trip, student clinic directors, etc.), he/she will provide feedback to the student.
  2. If there is no specified director, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, in conjunction with the Service Learning Coordinator (SL Coordinator), will identify an appropriate faculty member to provide feedback.

New service learning opportunities may be proposed by students or faculty members by submitting a proposal to the SL Coordinator.  Any proposed service learning activity that meets the service learning definition as verified by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and the SL Coordinator will be considered an approved service learning activity.

The SL Coordinator in Student Affairs will distribute a list of EPC-approved service learning experiences to students by August 1 annually.  In addition, the SL Coordinator will post a copy of this service-learning policy and maintain a current list of activities to a Service Learning webpage at the Medical Student Affairs website.  The SL Coordinator will be responsible for updating this list quarterly.

The SL Coordinator will produce and examine RedMed reports on student completion of service learning activities, reflection, and feedback.  The SL Coordinator will provide composite reports to the Educational Policy Committee in January (to include activities completed from July – December) and July (to include activities completed from January – June) of each year. 

The Educational Program Committee will review UME survey results regarding student satisfaction with service learning experiences and reflection feedback annually in July, discuss student completion of service learning and reflection requirements, and address any deficiencies.