The Honor and Professionalism Advocacy Council (HPAC) is a peer-to-peer professionalism accountability and advocacy system instituted in the Spring of 2014.  This committee of students from M1 through M4 work to identify and address any professionalism issues brought to their attention by faculty, staff, and their fellow students.  Through the use of an electronic submission form, the Early Concern Note (ECN), specific issues are securely handled by the HPAC, who contact the student of concern for an informal discussion on his or her Note.  The goal of the HPAC is to make students aware of how he or she is being perceived by those around them and, more importantly, provide insight and advice as to how they can better the professionalism impressions that he or she makes in the future.

The first Early Concern Note is a low stakes opportunity for students to improve their professionalism issues.  Hopefully, issues become resolved after the first Early Concern Note, reducing the chance of negative evaluations during clerkship years and negative statements on his or her Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), which is forwarded to residency programs.  Students receiving second and third Early Concern Notes lead to more serious consequences with School of Medicine administration, as these students have shown a pattern of unprofessional behavior as well as a disregard for previous recommendations.  Again, the HPAC is a body of medical students, serving to improve the future graduates of UofL School of Medicine and produce residents that uphold our university's reputation at their respective programs.

For  more information about the Honor and Professionalism Advocacy Council and the Early Concern Note, visit the Medical Student Affairs web page at: